Meet Our Committees

Organizing Committee

Consists of 7 elected members directly from the membership. The OC administers the affairs of the chapter and oversees the implementation of policy determined by the membership.

Chairs: Speedy and Rachel

Meetings: The Wednesday before and after the general meeting, 6:30pm


A committee dedicated to advancing the cause of  housing justice with the goal of building the foundation for a tenants union.

Chair: Anthony

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month, 6:00pm


A committee dedicated to growing democratic socialist political influence in Rensselaer County, developing and executing strategies to elect democratic socialist and DSA-aligned candidates to office.

Chair: Mickey

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:00pm





A committee dedicated to running the chapter’s social media presence, press releases, and other communications on behalf of the chapter.

Chair: Zak

Meetings: 1st Monday of the month, 7:00pm


A committee that is dedicated to onboarding and mentoring new chapter members and the mobilization efforts of the current membership. They help to engage all members in the chapter’s activities.

Chair: Line

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the month, 5:30pm


An outside committee that meets through the Troy Area Labor Council and works in tandem with DSA to work together on labor related issues and organizing efforts around the capital region. Currently, TALC has at least 6 DSA members on the council.

Chair: Adam


The mission of the Socialist Feminist Committee shall be to cultivate strong ties between the socialist mission of DSA and the feminist politics that will liberate humanity from oppression under white-supremacist patriarchal capitalism.

Chairs: Britney and Ashley

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm

How do I join a committee?

Troy DSA members can message the committee chairs on slack to learn more, or simply attend a meeting for whatever fits your interests and your schedule.

How do I create a committee?

If a member has a topic they’re passionate about not covered by any of the committees listed above they need to find 6 others interested members, decide on a chair, and draft a charter (an example), then propose it at the next monthly chapter meeting